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Managing SSL Certificates Topics

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Revoking an SSL Certificate

You may want to revoke your SSL Certificate if any of the following has occurred:

  • You have lost your private key, putting your secure SSL communications at risk.
  • Your private key has been compromised and your SSL communications are no longer secure.
  • You have reissued your SSL Certificate and wish to revoke the old instance of that Certificate.
  • You no longer wish to use the SSL Certificate in question and do not plan to reissue it.

Revoking an SSL Certificate is permanent and irreversible. Before you revoke your certificate, you may want to have it reissued so you can replace the Certificate instance that you plan to revoke. If you revoke your SSL Certificate prior to having it reissued, Network Solutions® will be unable to reissue your Certificate and you will be required to purchase a new Certificate.

Once a Certificate is revoked, it is placed on a Certificate Revocation List (CRL). When a Web browser encounters a revoked SSL Certificate on a Web site, it may alert the visitor that the site in question is should not be trusted.

For additional assistance in revoking an SSL Certificate, please contact us or call 1-877-228-1023.