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Getting Started with SEO for Ecommerce

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SEO for Ecommerce set up guide

Getting Started with SEO for Ecommerce

SEO for Ecommerce set up guide

SEO for Ecommerce set up guide

Welcome!  This guide shows you how to use the Network Solutions® Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Ecommerce service. 

SEO for Ecommerce increases your website rankings on Internet search engines over time, making it easier for visitors to find your website when searching for products using specific keywords.

Getting Started

Achieving high rankings on search engine result pages will not happen overnight - it takes time.  The search engines will index your site and increase your ranking gradually as the work we do adds to your site popularity.  Our Search Engine Optimization analysts will work with you to learn more about your business and the types of visitors you want to attract so they can create a list of relevant keywords that get results.

Step 1:  Schedule your SEO consultation via our Online Scheduler.  To access the Online Scheduler:

  1. Go to and log into your account manager
  2. Under the My Products and Services tab, click on the nsMarketingTM link.
  3. If you have multiple nsMarketingTM products, select the one that contains the appointment you want to schedule.
  4. Once on the nsMarketingTM Service Details page, select your preferred appointment time and click Save.
  5. You may also use this page to reschedule your appointment if needed.   

To best prepare for this meeting, please have the following things ready:

  • An idea of which products or groups of products from your Ecommerce store you'd like to focus on for your SEO service.
  • Your File Transfer Protocol (FTP) / Content Management System (CMS) information if your ecommerce store is not hosted with Network Solutions (nsCommerce Space).
  • Your SEO for Ecommerce Questionnaire filled out. This will be sent to you via email from Network Solutions.

Step 2:  SEO Analysis.  Your Account Manager will contact you to discuss your business and determine which Product Groups you'd like to optimize.  After we've reviewed your website, we'll send you a list of keywords for which we'll optimize your site.  You have 2 days to review this list and get back to us with any changes.  Then we'll send you your roadmap and start work! 

 Step 3:  Each month, we'll perform the tasks that are called out in your roadmap.  Some, such as press release services, will require us to work closely with you, so we'll be in contact with you about those!  We'll also be calling you each month to touch base. 

Step 4:  You can review website performance reports on demand.  These reports show where your website ranks for the keywords selected on various search engines.  To view these reports:

  • Login to the Network Solutions® Account Manager at If you have forgotten your login information, please visit
  • Under the My Products and Services tab, select nsMarketingTM and locate your SEO for Ecommerce service.
  • Click your SEO for Ecommerce service. Click on View Full Reports. This launches the Network Solutions Reports in a separate browser window.
  • Make sure that the Reports tab is selected at the top
  • The first Website Traffic report appears on the screen. Click other tabs under the Website Traffic option on the left to view additional reports.
  • Click the Marketing Campaigns tab and then Keyword Ranking to get insight into where your website appears in the search results of the top search engines.
  • Use the control panel at the top of the reporting window to manipulate the way information is presented in the report. For example, you can choose a different date range, sort the data in the table, change the view from monthly to daily, etc. From here, you can also print the report or export it to available file formats.

For additional help, mouse over the question mark icons found throughout the report. For additional assistance, please contact your Network Solutions Account Manager.


What is File Transfer Protocol/Content Management System?

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a method by which files can be uploaded to your website.  FTP credentials often look like this:

  • Server:
  • Username: UserID
  • Password: Pa5$woRd!
  • Path: /www/

Not sure where to find your FTP info?  Your hosting provider should be able to help locate this information.

A Content Management System (CMS) is a method by which you edit portions of a web page. Also, with a CMS your website contents are stored on a server, rather than your personal computer, and accessed through a web browser. CMS credentials often look like this:

  • URL:
  • Username: UserID
  • Password: Pa5$woRd!

Please note that, for security reasons, we cannot contact your hosting or website provider on your behalf to obtain this information. If your website is hosted with Network Solutions®, we can retrieve the necessary information.