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.TEL Domains

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Setting Up Your .TEL Account

Setting Up Your .TEL Account


You first need to set up a username and password to manage your .tel contact information through the .tel management dashboard.  Your username and password will provide you access to log in to your management dashboard where you can store contact information, Web links, location records, and keywords.  Follow these steps to create your username and password:

1.     Log in to account manager at

2.     Select and click on the .tel domain you wish to manage in the "My Domain Names" section

3.     On the Domain Details page you will see a box labeled '.Tel Domain Set Up'.  In this box enter the username and password you want to assign to your .tel account and click Submit.

4.     After you submit your username and password a link will appear that will take you to the .tel dashboard where you can enter and manage your contact details.  

5.     Click on the link and enter the username and password you just created.  You can now begin to set up your contact information for your .tel domain name.

If you have more than one .tel domain in your Network Solutions®® account you only need to set up one (1) .tel account.  You will be able to access all of your .tel domains once you log-in.

Please refer to our .tel Resources for help configuring your information in the .tel management dashboard.  In this section you will find the following information:

·         .tel Video Tutorial

·         .tel Quick Start Guide

·         .tel User Guide

·         .tel Guide to TelFriends

Please note:
Your .tel account username and password can be different from your Network Solutions® username and password.  Once created your username cannot be changed.

The primary email address associated with your Network Solutions® account will be submitted with your .tel username and password.  You can change the email address when you log in to the .tel dashboard.  Changing the email address in the dashboard will not affect your Network Solutions® account. 

How do I change my .tel website account information?

Please follow the instructions detailed in the online User Guide

 How do I rename a folder?

You cannot change the sub-folder name; to change the folder name, create a new folder, copy all contacts from the old folder to the new one (in the old folder, do 'Select all' and in the Actions drop-down box, select 'move to...'), and then delete the old folder.