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Getting Started with ImageCafe

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Setup Guide for Contact Management System

Welcome! This guide will help you use Network Solutions® Contact Management System. This system is useful for those who want to create and manage leads and contacts as well as email marketing campaigns.

Step 1: Locate the Website you Would Like to Edit

1.      Log in to Account Manager

2.      Find the My Website Packages area and click on Edit Website. A list of your website and/or hosting packages will appear.

3.      For website packages, find the website that you would like to edit and click Edit Website.

4.      For hosting packages, scroll down to the hosting area, find your desired hosting package, and click on Use Website Builder Tool Now.

Step 2: Add a Content Management Form to your Site

Adding contact management forms to your website helps to generate additional business information. Visitors to your site will be able to fill out a simple form that provides you with their contact information. This information will be added to your contacts or leads lists.

To add a form:

1.      Click the Building Blocks menu item. 

2.      Click and drag a block onto your page.

3.      Click Insert Item. Select Tools > Form Generator > Continue.

4.      Select the type of form to display on your website and click Continue.

5.      Follow the configuration steps if any for the form you selected and click Finish at the top of the page.   

Please note: Within Form Generator there are two types of forms:  Customizable forms to collect website visitor data and forms for lead and contact management.

Step 3: Manage Data Collected in the Forms via the Contact Management System

1.      Click on Website Tools in the top navigation within the Website Creator Tool.

2.      Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Contact Management icon.

3.      The first screen in the contact management system is called the Dashboard. From here, you can manage all the components that make up your particular content/campaign management package. 

4.      At the top of the dashboard, there are three (3) tabs: My Home Page, Marketing and Tools. Use these tabs to navigate through the system.

Contacts (or Leads)

To manage your contacts (or leads), click Marketing > Contacts.

From the contact list, you can send email to individual contacts, view contact information and filter contacts to generate specific email lists based on the types of contacts and leads you have.

Add a Contact (or Lead)

1. Click the Green Plus Sign located above your contacts (or leads) list.

2. Fill out the form provided and click Save.

You can now send email, edit, duplicate or delete their information. To return to your contacts list, click Contacts (or Leads) at the top of the page.

 Edit Contact (or Lead) Information

Click edit/del next to individual contacts (or leads) on your list to make changes to their information.

Click on the name of a contact (or lead) to send email or to edit, delete or duplicate their information. You can also locate the contact (or lead) on a map.

Click More Information to view email sent to the contact (or lead) or to view other administrative tasks performed.

Create Contact (or Lead) Views

Grouping similar contacts (or leads) together helps you determine the best marketing strategies for those on your contacts list. Use the Filters drop-down menu to select specific contact (or lead) views.

1. Click New located next to the Filters drop-down menu to add a new contact (or lead) view.

2. Click Edit or Delete next to the Filters drop-down menu to add restrictions or to include other contacts in a specific view.


To create or manage your campaign, click Marketing > Campaigns.

Create a campaign

1. Click the Green Plus Sign located at the top of the leads list.

2. Fill out the form provided and click Save.

To return to your campaigns list, click Campaigns at the top of the page.

Click edit/del next to individual campaigns to make any changes.

Create Campaign Views

Creating campaign views is an easy way to manage multiple email campaigns. Use the Filters drop-down menu to select specific campaign views.

1. Click New located next to the Filters drop-down menu to add a new campaign view.

2. Click Edit or Delete next to the filter drop-down menu to make changes to this list.

E-mail Campaigns: Sending Email

1. Click on the name of an email campaign.

2. Click More Information.

3. Click Load List after selecting the contacts or leads view you want to send mail to.

To add existing contacts (or leads) included in another campaign, click Select Contacts.

To add new contacts (or leads) not assigned to a specific campaign, click Add Contacts.

4. Click Send Mail after selecting the individual contacts and leads within the view. (Mark the checkbox at the top of this list if you want to include every contact in the view.)

Please Note: You can only send email from the email account you created when purchasing your Network Solutions® package.

1. Create a message or click Select Email Template to choose from a variety of email and newsletter templates.

2. Click Browse to upload attachments.

3. Specify the email box portion of the "From" address. You will not be able to change the domain portion of the address - this will be determined based on your Network Solutions® account.

4. Click Save, Send or Cancel when finished.


Please Note: This section is used create notes about individual contacts, campaigns or other areas of your business. These notes are for administrative use and cannot be sent to anyone on your leads or contacts list.

To create or view notes, click Tools > Notes.

Create a note

1. Click the Green Plus Sign (+) at the top of the notes list.

2. Select a contact name to attach the note to. Use the search function provided to find the contact or lead.

3. Choose the type of account the note relates to.

4. Give your note a title by entering it into the open field provided.

5. Click Browse to upload any files to upload attachments.

6. Compose your note in the open field provided.

7. Click Save after you're finished.

Click Notes to return to the notes list.

To view a note, click on the note title in your list.

Edit/delete notes by clicking Edit or Delete next to individual titles.


To create or manage your calendar, click My Home Page > Calendar.

Add New Event

1. Click the Events tab.

2. Click Add and select the type of event.

3. Fill out the form provided and click Save.

Add To Do

1. Click the To Dos tab.

2. Click Add and select the type of To Do.

3. Fill out the form provided and click Save.

View Events and To Dos

Click Day, Month, Week or Year tabs to view events or to dos. Use the arrows on either side of the date heading to move between dates.

Click the Settings icon located next to the date heading to share your calendar with others or to create time settings.


Create a Report

1. Click My Home Page > Reports.

2. Click the Green Plus Sign (+) to create a new report. Choose a category from the list provided. Fill in the appropriate information.  

To view a report, click on a report listed in the reports list.

You will be able to customize the report by choosing the format or by exporting the report to PDF or Excel. You will also be able to print the report.