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Getting Started with ImageCafe

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Setup Guide for Event Calendar

Welcome! This guide will teach you about Network Solutions® Event Calendar. Placing an event calendar on your website is a good way to let visitors know about upcoming events and other information they may be interested in knowing when it comes to your business.

Step 1: Locate the Website you Would Like to Edit

1.      Log in to Account Manager

2.      Find the My Website Packages area and click on Edit Website. A list of your website and/or hosting packages will appear.

3.      For website packages, find the website that you would like to edit and click Edit Website.

4.      For hosting packages, scroll down to the hosting area, find your desired hosting package, and click on Use Website Builder Tool Now.

Step 2: Create a Page

Follow the instructions provided for creating a website. 

Please Note: If you've already created your website and added pages, you will be automatically rerouted to the Control Center.

Step 3: Edit Your Website Pages

  1. Click Web Site Pages located at the top of the page. Follow the instructions provided to choose specific Web pages.
  2. Click the page where the Event Calendar will be placed and select Edit page.

Step 4: Add Event Calendar to Your Site

  1. Click the Building Blocks menu item. 
  2. Click and drag a block onto your page.
  3. Click Insert Item. Select Tools > Continue.
  4. Select Event Calendar from the tools list. Then click Continue to include the Event Calendar on your page.

Using Event Calendar

This event calendar includes two views, a public view and an administrative view. As the administrator, you will be able to view both. Visitors to your website will only have access to the public view.

Step 1: Adding Event(s)

  1. To add an event in the week or month view, click the icon next to the particular date the event is to be held. In the day view, click the icon next to the event heading.
  2. Required fields for each event are date, time, category and title.
  3. You will be able to customize the name of each category. To do this, click the Manage button to the right of the Category field. You will then be able to edit or delete a particular category.
  4. Fill in the URL field if you have an existing website for the particular event you would like to direct users.
  5. Click Save when all information has been entered.

Step 2: Preview Your Calendar

To preview your calendar, click Preview Web Site at the top of the Image Café tool. This will be the view that users of your website will see.

Step 3: Searching Events

To search for an event, click the Search Tab at the top-right corner of the calendar. Once you fill in the dates and search terms, click Search. The search terms are case sensitive.