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Getting Started With nsProtect™ Safe

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Setup Guide: nsProtect™ Safe Vulnerability and Performance Monitoring


Getting Started With nsProtectTM Safe

Setup Guide: nsProtectTM Safe Vulnerability and Performance Monitoring

Welcome! This guide will teach you how to set up Network Solutions® nsProtectTM Safe Vulnerability and Performance Monitoring Service.

What is nsProtectTM Safe?
nsProtectTM Safe Performance Monitoring Service scans your website every 5 minutes to ensure the site is running properly. If your website is slow to upload or it is not viewable to visitors, you will be notified via email or email to phone.  nsProtect Safe Vulnerability Monitoring scans the site every 24 hours to detect security vulnerabilities in order to help prevent hacking and other illegal activities.

nsProtect Safe Configuration

Step 1: Log in to Account Manager at: If you've forgotten your log-in information, please visit:

Step 2: Click on the My Products and Services tab in the top right of the screen.

  • Scroll down and select My Site Monitoring Services to be taken to a page listing the details of your SSL Certificate.

Scroll down to Your Services and click the Manage It link located next to nsProtect Safe.

Step 3: Select or type in the Web address (URL) of your website's homepage or other Web page
            you would like to use.

nsProtect Safe will check this URL every five minutes to ensure that your website is fully functional and will scan your entire site every 24 hours for vulnerabilities. Alerts will be sent if your website upload time is slow or if the site becomes unavailable to visitors or if sever vulnerabilities are detected. 

Please Note: nsProtect Safe monitors your entire site for security vulnerabilities regardless of what URL you select here.

Domain Verification
Domain verification is needed to ensure that you control the domain you provide to Network Solutions®.  All domains must be verified before nsProtect Safe Services begin.

Please Note: If you've registered the domain name with Network Solutions, you can skip this section and proceed to the next section, website Protocol and website Authorization.

Indicate which website protocol is to be used for the Web page you submit for performance monitoring.

Protocol options are "http" and "https". To determine which option to choose, look at the Web address located at the top of the page you selected for performance monitoring on your Website. If the address begins with "https", then choose "https" as your protocol. Otherwise, choose "http".

If the Web page you select for nsProtect Safe performance monitoring requires that you enter a user name and password (Website Authorization) before the page can be viewed, please check the authorization box and submit the required authorization details (user name and password) by following the instructions provided on the Website Authorization screen.  Please Note: Authorization details are not required if the page you selected can be viewed without first entering a user name and password but includes fields for user names and passwords to view additional pages. 

Contact Information

Step 1: Enter your name and email address where security and monitoring alerts and updates should be sent. You can include up to 5 email addresses. These emails can be forwarded to a cell
phone number.

To add additional contacts, select the link provided. Click Next to continue.

Step 2: Confirm everything you've entered so far. Review the information and click Back if changes to previous pages need to be made. Once you're satisfied with your choices, click Submit.

You can make changes to your contact information at any time through Account Manager. Scroll down on the nsProtect Safe Details page to locate the contact information section.
Please Note: Once you click Submit, you won't be able to change the monitored domain name without Network Solutions technical support.

Accessing nsProtect Safe Online Reports

Step 1: Log in to Account Manager at: If you've forgotten your log-in information, please visit:

  • Scroll down to Your Services and click the Manage It link located next to nsProtectTM Safe. Please Note: If you have more than one nsProtectTM Safe service in your account, please click on the associated domain/URL to see the details for each service.
  • Scroll down to view Performance Monitoring and Vulnerability Scanning reports. Click the link to view specific reports

Additional Information

If you have questions about nsProtect Safe, please visit the nsProtect Safe FAQs at our Online Support Center.

If you want some hands-on help with nsProtect Safe or any other Network Solutions® service, please call 1-800-333-7680.