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Sort and Advanced Search

Sort and Advanced Search

Account Manager allows you to sort a domain folder by:

·         Domain name

·         Account number

·         Name servers

·         Expiration

·         Private registration

·         Auto Renew status

To sort a domain folder

1.     Log in to Account Manager

2.     Click the My Domain Names

3.     Expand the folder you would like to view by clicking the + symbol on the left

4.     In the domain folder that you want to sort, click the title of the column by which the domains should be sorted.

5.     The sorted list is displayed.

Bulk sorting

If you have more than 200 domains, you can more efficiently sort your domains with our third-level sorting feature — allowing you to find domains at a more detailed level. The sorter opens in a new window and lets you to select up to three criteria at once against which to sort your domains:

·         Domain Name

·         Account Number

·         Name Servers

·         Private

·         Folder

·         Auto Renew

·         Expiration

To perform a bulk sort:

  • Log in to Account Manager
  • Click the My Domain Names
  • Click Switch to View All.
  • Click Sort Your Domains.
  • Choose your sort criteria and click OK.

To perform an advanced search

1.     Log in to Account Manager

2.     Click the My Domain Names

3.     Click Manage Folders.

4.     In the Search for Domain Names That Include text box (next to the magnifying glass), enter the search term that the names of folders must include.

5.     Click Go.

You can move the domains on the search results list to any existing folder.