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nsProtect™ Safe Vulnerability Scanning

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The Meaning of nsProtectTM Safe’s Different Vulnerability Levels

There are three levels of vulnerabilities:

  • Security Alert:  These are high-risk vulnerabilities that must be remedied immediately because they can make your site susceptible to attacks by hackers.  Vulnerabilities that are marked as "Security Alerts" have been known to be exploited by hackers to take control of your website, deface your site's pages, or steal your sensitive data.  If you fail to remedy vulnerabilities marked as "Security Alerts" within seven days, you will lose your nsProtect™ Safe certification seal until the vulnerability is patched.
  • Security Warning:  These are items that should be addressed because their presence on your website could assist a hacker in exploiting other known vulnerabilities.  Typically, Security Warnings advise you of "best industry practices and procedures" to be followed when maintaining a secure website. While it is advised that you follow the recommendations about these items provided in your report, you will not fail your scan nor lose your nsProtect Safe certification if you fail to do so.
  • Security Info:  This is information about your website that is useful to you in your efforts to maintain best security practices for your website.  Security Info notices will not cause you to fail your scan nor lose your nsProtect Safe certification seal.