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Getting Started With nsProtect™ Assured Site Seal Topics

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The Network Solutions® Validation Process

When it comes to issuing nsProtect™ Assured Site Seals, validation of the entity that manages the website is critical. We've developed a rigorous process to validate your organization and to ensure that your Site Seal is properly issued.  The validation process for nsProtect™ Assured Site Seal is as follows:


  • We verify you are the registrant of the domain name used in your application by validating the information in the WHOIS database.


  • We cross-check third-party references including: Dun and Bradstreet number, articles of incorporation, business license, Tax ID, driver's license, etc. Required credentials for this step may vary depending on the country of incorporation or if the applicant is unincorporated.


  • The Network Solutions® validation team will contact you if additional information is required to complete the validation process.You will be emailed an order number and instructions on which documentation is needed when your order has been processed.


  • Upon receipt of all applicable documentation and completion of validation, your nsProtectTM Assured Site Seal is issued within two to four business days.


Please email applicable documentation to

To fax applicable documentation: 1-866-294-0799

For questions about the validation process, please email us at or call us at 1-877-228-1023.