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Getting Started With nsProtect™ Safe

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The nsProtect™ Safe Status Levels in Account Manager
  • Active - Your nsProtect Safe service is running. The website at the domain you assigned to the service is monitored for vulnerabilities every 24 hours and performance every 5 minutes.
  • Awaiting Validation - A domain verification email has been sent and we are waiting to receive authorization to monitor the assigned domain name.
  • Expired - Your nsProtect Safe service was not renewed within the term limit.  Your website is no longer being monitored for vulnerabilities and performance.
  • Inactive - The nsProtect Safe service has been temporarily suspended.  Your website is currently not being monitored.
  • On Hold - Your nsProtect Safe service is currently on hold because your website is not live. Once you publish your website live to the Internet, vulnerability and performance monitoring will begin.