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Tips and Tricks

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Tips for closing your leads

You're successfully running Ads on the search engines, and you even got some leads!  But now what?  How do you turn those leads into real paying customers? 

  1. Be responsive. If, for example, someone fills out a form on your website requesting additional information about your products or services, respond to them quickly. People who are using search engines to search for things are typically ready to buy. Don't make them wait and potentially find another deal somewhere else.
  2. Follow up. Let's say you had a prospective customer request a price quote for one of your products or services. Of course you responded to them quickly with the information they requested. But then you don't hear back from them. Go ahead and follow up and reach out to them again in a few days to see if you can solve their need.
  3. Offer Discounts. Perhaps offer a price discount in your follow up communication. Something to the extent of, "If you go ahead and buy today, I can take 15% off that price for you." Or maybe offer free delivery!
  4. Stay in touch. If the prospective customer agrees to it, add them to your Email Marketing list so they receive your next Email Newsletter. Not using Email Marketing? Give it a try with Constant Contact ® Email Marketing for 60 days free. It's a great way to build relationships with current and prospective customers.