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Getting Started with Website Builder

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Tips for Good Website Design

When you start thinking about creating a website for your business, appearance will be a primary consideration. With a few simple Web design tips, you will be able to create a Blog or a website that is a pleasure to view and use.


One of the key components to a website design that will speak to your customers is a great color palette. The colors for your site should convey your company's "personality." If you provide automotive accessories to mechanics, for example, pastel colors might not be the best choice. Sporty red, silver, black, and blue are colors typically associated with cars, so these should be high on the list for your website creation.


Fonts, or typefaces, should also be picked based on the personality of your company and the feeling you wish to convey to customers. Using the example above, if you are designing an automotive accessory site, you cannot go wrong with simple sans serif typefaces for the text. Typefaces suggesting movement would be ideal for headers and other important display text. Above all, when considering how to make a Web site that is user-friendly, you should never choose style over readability. If a customer is unable to read a product's description, they will quickly leave your page.

Pictures and Graphics

Last, but not least, choose pictures and graphics that display your products in the best light possible. If you already have a logo, make it an integral part of your site by displaying it on each page. Use your existing logo for clues on color palette and typefaces. Pick elements and graphics that will nicely complement your logo. Finally, make sure product pictures are large and clear enough that your customer will be able to see the appropriate level of detail.