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Understanding Your Website Reports

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Top Landing Pages Report

The Top Landing Pages report shows the most popular pages where customers enter your site. Use this report to:

  • Find out what pages are the most frequent points of entry.
  • Identify the pages that are being overlooked by your site visitors.
  • Publish your most important messages on the top entry pages.

SEO for Ecommerce customers can access the Top Landing Pages report by:

  • Selecting their SEO service in the online Account Manager and clicking View Full Reports.
  • In the reporting window, the Top Landing Pages report can be found under the Website Traffic category in the left navigation menu.

Website Builder Tool users can access their Top Landing Pages report as follows:

  • Click the Marketing & Reports tab in the Website Builder Tool.
  • In the control panel at the top of the Page Views report, press Full Reports.
  • Additional web traffic reports will open in a new browser window. Click the Entry Page link under the Site Path Reports category.