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Traffic, but no conversions?

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I am getting traffic, but I am not getting any conversion on my Ecommerce site, why is that?

There could be many reasons why you could be getting traffic but at the same time not getting any conversions even after a customer has chosen the item they presumably want to buy. The most frequent reasons why a customer may abandon their shopping carts are:

  • High shipping charges
  • Customer wanted to comparison shop
  • Customer's lack of money
  • Customer wanted to look for a coupon
  • Customer wanted to shop offline
  • Customer couldn't find their preferred payment option
  • Item was unavailable at checkout
  • Customer couldn't find customer support
  • Customer concerned about security of credit card data

The important point is to make sure that your online store clearly communicates the trust, security and shipping information that your customers desire. Also, the shorter the checkout process the better - streamline as much as possible. A dedicated SSL has been shown to increase conversions by as much as 15%. Network Solutions® does have a conversion optimization analysis that we can provide for you as an a la carte purchase. If you would like more information on pricing and what this service would entail, let your Account Manager know and we'll provide you with more information.