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Managing Web Forwarding

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Troubleshooting Web Forwarding and Masking

My Web Forwarding Is Not Resolving Correctly When I Type The Domain Name In The Browser

There could be several reasons why your Web Forwarding isn’t resolving or pointing to the correct domain name. Please review the following situations to see if one applies to you:

  • Did you remember to configure your Web Forwarding service after purchase?

If not, then your domain name does not know where to forward. To configure your Web Forwarding, log in to Account Manager to configure your service.

  • Did you just move your domain name to Network Solutions® servers?

If so, it will take approximately 12-36 hours for the new domain name information to propagate to servers world-wide. Once that process is complete your Web Forwarding will resolve correctly.

  • Did you misspell the destination URL?

If so, your Web Forwarding won’t resolve correctly. Verify you have typed the destination URL correctly and that it resolves to an active and working Web site.

My Web Forwarding Is Working But It’s Not Masking The URL

The most common reason masking doesn’t work is because the Web site you are forwarding to has security features built in to protect the content by not allowing other Web sites to frame or capture the content as if it where their own. This is commonly referred to as frame busting or frame breaking.

When Network Solutions forwards your domain name with masking, the Web site is placed inside a frame. If the Web site you are forwarding to has Frame Busting built in, it will break the Network Solutions frame and the masking will not work.

In order to resolve this issue, you will need to have the Frame Buster removed from the destination Web site.