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Variation Templates

For products that have similar attributes, you can create a variation template.  A variation template stores a set of options that can be applied to multiple products.


Create a Variation Template

To create a template:

  • Go to the Inventory tab and click on Variation Templates from the menu.

  • Enter the name of the template and click Create & Edit Template.

  • Enter the name of the group of attributes you wish to add and click Create Group.
  • Enter the options for your group in the Add Group Option(s) field near the bottom and click Create Option.  Your options are listed in the Group.  You can change the sort order, edit the option name or delete the option by changing the numbers in the sort column and selecting Update, or selecting the Delete button.


Managing Your Variation Templates

Once the groups and options have been created and you have applied the template to a product, you can enter prices and stock quantity and enable or disable variations from here.  Click the Edit button to edit the variation option details.

From here, you can create another group or add individual options to the first group. To add individual options, enter the option name and click Create Option.  By default, the options display in the order created.

NOTE: Only one template can be applied to a product at a time, but a template can have multiple option groups within it (e.g. size and color).