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Understanding Your SEO Reports

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This graph shows similar data as the Overview page.  This graph by default shows Total page views, which is number of pages that all your visitors have viewed.  The graph can be adjusted by clicking on "Total page views" near the left hand navigation to show any of the following data: Unique Visitors, Return Visitors, New Visitors, Page Views, Average Page views, Average Time on site, Bounce Rate.  Click the different names to view your site's performance on the graph.

Unique Visitors

We record number of single users you've had to your site. Even if someone viewed your page many times, we only count them once as a Unique Visit.  In the table below the graph, we display total unique visitors for the date range that is selected, and average unique visitors per day.* 

Return Visitors

Return Visitors is the total number of visits you've had from people returning to your site.  In the table below the graph, we display total return visitors for the date range that is selected and average return visitors per day.* 

New Visitors

New Visitors is the number of new people to your web site during the time period you specified.   In the table below the graph, we display total new visitors for the date range that is selected, total visitors for the date range selected, and the percentage of new visitors compared to all visitors.* 

Page Views

Page views shows you the number of pages your users have viewed during their visits by date. 

Average Page views

Average Page views shows you the average number of pages your visitors have viewed by date.

Average time on site

Average time on site shows you the average time that visitors stayed on your site by date.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate shows you the percentage of users who never go past the page they entered on your site by day.  For example, if 10 people visit the page, and one of them bounces (doesn't go any farther into the site) the bounce rate would be 10%.    


The Geographical page first shows you a map of the globe - click on North America then the United States to see which states are sending you the most traffic.  As default, states are listed alphabetically, click on total page views to see which state is bringing you the most traffic.  

* Our ability to track unique, return and new visitors does rely on your visitors having cookies enabled.  If a visitor has cookies disabled, we would not be able to track them as a unique, returning, or new visitor. 


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