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Account Manager User Guide

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Website Services

This section describes some administrative tasks for managing your website package. For instructions on designing and editing your website, visit the Website Packages support section.

To manage your website:

  1. Login to Account Manager following the instructions available here
  2. Click on My Website Packages
  3. For multiple websites, click the website package that you want to manage.
  4. From the Website Details page, you can:
  • Change the package name by clicking Edit Service Name.
  • Expand the capabilities of your website package by clicking Upgrade
  • Change the domain assigned to your website by clicking Unassign
  • Extend the lifetime of your website by clicking Renew or Edit Auto Renew.
  • Increase and edit the e-mailboxes associated with your website by clicking Add Mailbox or Manage Emailboxes.
  • Click Help & Support to obtain additional assistance from Network Solutions® Customer Service representatives.
  • View your live website in a new window by clicking Go to the right of the Website Details box.
  • Launch the Website Builder Tool, our free online website design and editing tool, by clicking on a thumbnail image of your website. Note: if you have not yet created your website using the Website Builder, you will see a “site not yet published” image. Click on the image or the Edit Website button to launch the Website Builder Tool.