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What applications are included in nsWebsite?

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nsWebsiteTM includes a wide variety of Web applications to support not only your website, but your business in general.

Event Calendar - Keep your visitors informed of upcoming events or important dates. The Event Calendar is easy to update and can be customized for appearance and format. Show weekly, monthly or annual views.

Maps/ Directions - Make it easy for customers to find your location. Add a map showing your office location(s) as well as step-by-step driving directions from any location.

PayPalTM - Sell a few products and services or accept donations online. You can upload multiple images, set your prices, and collect payment via PayPal which allows customers to pay with their credit and debit cards or bank transfers.

Form Generator - Post an online form to quickly gather information from your website visitors. Collect contact information, email addresses, feedback, or anything you want. Use custom input fields and drop down menus to capture whatever customer information you need.

Document Library - Upload documents to share with your website visitors, including Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, PDF and many more file types. Pages on your website can be password protected.

Blog - Engage your customers in conversation by creating a blog on your website. This popular form of communication lets you share the latest news with your customers and interact with them for ongoing feedback.

Customer Polls - Add a poll to your website to add interest, encourage repeat visits, or to learn about your website visitors' opinions. It can be a poll relating to your business or an entertaining poll - the only limit is your imagination.

YouTubeTM - Easily add your own uploaded clips, link to other videos or embed YouTubeTM videos on your website to leverage the popularity of video on the Web.

Property Manager - Attract buyers and sellers and close deals by showcasing your listings. Use an easy, step-by-step process to create summary and detailed descriptions of each of your listing. You can also include multiple photos, links to virtual tours, maps and a mortgage calculator. You control the information that visitors see and you can add or edit listings anytime.

RSS Feeds - Keep updating your site with fresh news content via RSS newsfeeds. By adding RSS feeds to your website, you will be able to receive steady streams of Web content from a variety of websites that allow their content to be shared over the Internet. You simply select the newsfeeds on the topic of your choice and they will be posted automatically to your website.

WidgetBox widgets - To help keep your site fun and interactive, add widgets of your own or from WidgetboxTM to add a little pizzazz. Choose from thousands of widgets at WidgetboxTM and simply embed these ready-to-use mini-applications right onto your website with little or no HTML knowledge. News tickers, games, tips and advice, polls, and more - if you can imagine it, there's a widget for it.

E-referrals - Give your website visitors the ability to tell their friends and family about your company by using the handy e-referral application. With a visit to your website and a click of a button, they enter a personal note of recommendation that is sent along with your contact information.

Coupon Creator - Provide discounts on your products and services. Coupon creator offers pre-formatted coupons that you can customize and post to your website for customers to view and print. You can develop fun promotions to attract new customers or promote new products.

Online Business Card - Promote your company by having an online business card available to be emailed. You can use this website application with online brochures, announcements or other informational materials.

Guest Book - Collect visitor information and allow your visitors to provide you with feedback. You can customize the way your book will be presented and what it will say. You can receive notification of new entries and choose to make responses public or private.

Time Tracker - Keep track of your staff hours. Time Tracker allows you to easily manage the hours worked by your staff so you can better manage your payroll.

Counter - Track the number of people who visit your site each day. You can graphically display the number of visitors to your website or make it invisible so only you have access to this information. Hundreds of styles and colors are available.