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What can I do to help my SEO?

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What changes can I make to my website without negatively affecting my SEO? What can I do to help it?

You can make almost any change you would like as long as you do not remove the content that we have added to your site. The content that we add or even the keywords that we insert into your pre existing content is vital since it gives the search engines keyword rich content on your website. Also, do not remove any of the content in Title tags or Meta Description/Keyword tags. Again these are vital to search engine optimization and are important for the optimization to work to its full potential.

As far as things you can do to help your website rank better in the search engines, here are a couple of things you could work on in addition to the work we are working on to help increase your rankings in the search engines:

  • Add additional content:  Search engines love fresh content and an updated website. Refreshing existing content or adding new content to your site frequently will allow you to fare better in the search engines. You can add to pages we've modified (be sure not to delete anything we've put there!) or any other page on your site to keep the content fresh, or add new pages on your own.
  • Gain more Backlinks:  To help increase your rankings you should consider acquiring links for your website. We have an aggressive backlinking strategy as part of your SEO campaign, but you should always be looking to help increase your own backlinks to your website. This is very important to have since the search engines view these links as votes of confidence in your website. By having a high number of relevant backlinks the search engines will have trust in your site and will rank you high because of those links.