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What Does "Sender Reputation" Mean?

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Believe it or not, spam filtering systems keep reputation scores on you. When you send an email out, or when someone sends you an email, the spam filtering systems look at the email and use complicated algorithms to determine whether or not the email is spam. If a system deems that you are sending spam, your reputation score is lowered (ie: you get a bad rep). Potentially, if your reputation goes down enough, spam systems will block your emails from reaching their intended destination.

Another way to get a lower reputation is if enough people report you as an abusive sender. The “mark as spam” button that you see in your webmail interface allows you to alert the spam filtering system that you consider a particular email in your inbox to be spam. If you send emails, and enough people report you as “bad”, your reputation will go down and this will potentially lead to your emails not reaching their intended destination as well.


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