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What happens if there are no bidders in the Sunrise AT, Sunrise AD or Landrush auction? Will the domain name be awarded?

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During the Sunrise AT, AD and Landrush processes, the ICM Registry will accept all applications regardless of timestamp. The applications will be processed for both membership and IP rights or string ownership upon receipt. All valid applications will be eligible for auction in the event of multiple applications for the same string. The opening bid will be set as follows for these auctions (a) if the applicant was a pre-reservant (on the ICM Registry website) prior to the launch period, the earliest pre-reservant will be given the opening bid of $0 (b) if no pre-reservant exists, the ICM Registry will give the opening bid to the first valid applicant based on timestamp of application. In the event that no one signs up or participates in the auction, the ICM Registry will award the name (as if it were a single applicant) to (a) initial pre-reservant if it exists or (b) initial applicant.