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What is a 301 redirect?

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A 301 redirect is the best search engine friendly method for Web page redirection. Redirects take a visitor from one URL to another. Although redirects may serve many purposes, the main SEO purpose is to serve one copy of each page to the search engines. The code "301" is interpreted as "moved permanently." Having multiple URLs that all go to the same website may be viewed by Google® and other search engines as different websites, which could create duplicate content penalties. But by making one URL dominate over the other, this will help reduce the possibility of a duplicate content penalty.   

For technical reasons, you should only implement a redirect when no CMS is available and when your website is running on a Unix/Apache server.  Should you attempt to modify the necessary file when a CMS is present, there is a risk that your entire site will break. As our Customer Service and Technical Support teams do not provide support for creating this type of custom code, we are providing this information for your reference.