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What is SEO for Ecommerce?

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SEO is important for all websites, but particularly for online stores whose survival depends on traffic from search engines. Network Solutions created SEO for Ecommerce, a specialized service designed to meet the unique needs of those selling online, and to help their online stores compete.

How is SEO for Ecommerce different from SEO for a website that isn't an online store?

Selling online in today's competitive Web marketplace can be challenging. SEO for Ecommerce helps boost traffic to your online store (and ultimately increase sales) by making its products more visible to customers using search engines. We'll make it easy for you to stand out from the crowd by optimizing for many keywords both onsite and offsite, organized around one or more groups of products. You'll choose which of your product groups to focus on while we concentrate on driving results.

As part of our SEO for Ecommerce service, we'll also perform special monthly tasks targeted towards highlighting your products and keeping you ahead of the competition. Some of these tasks may include:

  • Free shopping comparison feed creation and updates.  
  • Keyword optimization of product descriptions and title and meta tag information so your keywords appear in the product descriptions in your online store. 
  • A Conversion and Usability Analysis report that can help identify reasons why customers may not convert (buy a product from your site) once they've landed on your website.