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What is the goal of the Conversion and Usability Analysis Report?

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What is the goal of the Conversion and Usability Analysis and Report?

The goal of this report is to identify areas for improvement with regards to optimizing conversion and optimizing usability within your website. 

Will Network Solutions® be implementing any of these recommendations?
We do not automatically implement any of the recommendations listed in Conversion and Usability Report.   If you wish, you can purchase a la carte time with a member of our SEO team to implement recommendations. Please note, that due to complexities of some issues, Network Solutions® may not be able to implement some recommendations.

If I make the recommended changes, will my rankings fluctuate?
Rankings do change with major edits to any website because the search engines have to re-evaluate the content and structure. This is comparable to what happens when a website domain changes owners and a completely new website is launched. The search engines crawl the site to determine if it is a brand new site with new content.