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What’s on the Reports Overview page?

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When you first click on the Reports Tab, you will see the Overview page.   The Overview page displays everything going on for your PPC campaign.  Once you understand all your reports, the Overview page is a good place to look if you only have a few moments to take a glance at what's going on for your PPC Campaign.

For all the reports, there are a couple shared functions:  The Campaign Drop down menu, and the Date Range.   From the campaign drop down menu, you can select to view either all of your campaigns or you can filter by a certain campaign.  All campaigns will be selected by default when you log in.

You can also change the date range to view reporting for a specific time period.  The date range will be the last 30 days by default when you log in.

On the Overview page you will find graphs of your clicks and leads per day, your recent leads, your top 5 Ads, your top 10 Keywords.  If you mouse over the green bar in the graph of either your Top 5 Ads or Top 10 Keywords, a data point of the total number of clicks will appear.  If you mouse over the blue bars you will see the total number of conversions.  

Also found on the Overview page is a summary of your budget spent, visitors referred by search engine and the location of those visitors.  Under each of the main sections on the Overview page, you will see a link that says "View Full Report."  You can click on this link to find more information about each of the sections.