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When Accessing My Secure Page, I Receive A “Page Cannot Be Displayed” Error

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There could be several reasons why you are receiving this error. The most common reasons are:

1.        There is a firewall / router on your network not allowing traffic on the SSL port (also known as port 443).

2.        The private key for your SSL Certificate does not match or is not associated correctly with the Certificate

3.        The server itself is not configured to run SSL on the desired port.

4.        There is a DNS error on the network or an incorrect DNS mapping.

5.        If using Microsoft® IIS Web server software, you may need to attempt a simple reboot of the server. If a simple reboot fails to resolve this problem, then disable socket pooling on the server.

For additional assistance in determining the cause of this error, please contact us or all 1-877-228-1023 for assistance.