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Why am I getting a "Loading Please Wait" Error when trying to compose a new message?

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If you see the message "Loading Please Wait" when trying to compose an email in webmail, it means that the HTML editor has not fully loaded. The HTML editor allows you to create and format your email message. This is typically caused by heightened security settings on your browser. Most browsers have various security settings that can be adjusted to achieve the right balance between security and functionality for your needs.  Below are three steps to resolve the issue.


Browser Security Settings

To correct this issue you can adjust your browser's security settings to allow the html editor to load. In most cases, simply adding the URL "http://mail.yourdomain.ext" to your list of trusted sites will correct the issue and allow you to use the HTML Editor. Please consult your browser's support documentation before adjusting any advanced security settings.


Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility Mode

You may need to configure your browser's "Compatibility Mode". Follow the instructions listed below to configure your browser to 'Display all Websites in Compatibility View'.

  • Click Tools
  • Select Compatibility View Settings
  • Select the check box at the bottom for Display all websites in Compatibility View
  • Click Close


Disable the html editor in Webmail.

Another option is to disable the html editor in Webmail. Follow the steps below to switch to the plain text editor.

  • Click on the ‘Configuration' button in the left navigation menu.
  • In the Configuration Options, click on ‘General Options'.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, and uncheck the box next to ‘Use HTML Editor'
  • Click the ‘Save' button at the bottom of the screen.


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