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Why Am I Seeing Value Added Tax In My Billing Information?

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If you are a resident of any European Union (EU) member state, you are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT) in accordance with EU tax legislation. Moreover, any vendor that provides electronic services to consumers in the EU is required to remit VAT taxes on account of those consumers. The VAT is calculated at the applicable rate of the member state in which the consumer resides and is payable by the vendor to the taxing authorities of that member state.

Network Solutions does not collect VAT on business-to-business sales if the business making the purchase has provided a valid VAT ID number. (Registered businesses are required by EU tax authorities to account for taxable purchases under their own arrangements.)

For more information on Value Added Tax, see the Taxation and Customs Union page of the European Commission site at

Network Solutions is unable to refund the VAT tax assessed on an order, however, you may contact your tax authority for further guidance on reconciling VAT tax if you forgot to enter your VAT ID to your Network Solutions account. Please note that Network Solutions has sent courtesy e-mails to impacted customers advising on how to add a VAT ID to their Network Solutions account.

More information about providing a VAT ID number can be found here.