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Why can't I see my ads?

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When I search for one of my keywords, I can't see my ads.  Why? 

There are a few reasons. 

1. Your IP (Internet Protocol) address could be out of the Geo-targeted area. 

To better target your desired audience, we'll select a certain geographic area to show your ads to.  If your IP address is outside of that geo-targeted area, your ad will not appear. 

2. Your budget could have run out earlier in the day. 

So we do not spend all of your monthly budget in the first few days of the month, we set a max daily spend per day.  If you have already spent your daily spend limit earlier in the day, your ad will not appear if you are searching later in the day. 

3. You could be on ad scheduling.

Similar to #2, if we have determined that your ads perform better for example from 2-4pm, we'll set up your ads only to run during those times.  If you search outside of those times, you won't see your ads. 

4. You ad could have just been shown to someone else. 

5. The search engine may have determined that your ad is not relevant to you. 

Both Google® and Yahoo!® are looking out for the best interests of their visitors by displaying ads that are the most relevant to each user's keyword search. For example, the user may type "shoes" as a keyword, which will result in an ad from appearing in the margins of the search result page. However, this particular user may not click on this ad. The search engine, over time, may interpret this ad as not relevant to this user's search for "shoes." If the trend of this user searching for shoes and not clicking on the ad for continues, the search engine may stop displaying the ad for over time - but just for that user.  The search engine will over time determine that that ad is irrelevent to you as a unique visitor. 

6. Remember, in order to have your ads run 24x7 and to every customer, you would have to have an unlimited budget. 

Google® bases their search volume on a daily budget allocation.  As you reach your daily budget, your ad showings will slow.  The higher your daily budget, the frequency of ad showings increases.   Therefore, in order to appear 24x7, you would need an unlimited budget.