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Why can't I send my message with an attachment?

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Generally, this is due to the attachment exceeding the allowed size restrictions - which are as follows:

  • nsMail™ (all email other than nsMail Pro) allows a total of 20MB.
  • nsMail™ Pro (business email) allows a total of 50MB.

If you are sending a compressed or zipped file, it should be no larger than 5MB and the total message including attachments and header should be no more than 20MB.


Note: When you send attachments via e-mail, the messages need to be encoded to be accepted by the receiving system. The encoding process adds approximately 33% to the total size of the message. For example, a 14 MB message (text and attachments) will total approximately 18 MB once it is encoded for transmission. Some types of attachments are encoded less efficiently so results may vary. Generally, a message of 14 MB or less should pass through with no problems, provided that the message does not cause your e-mailbox to exceed the maximum e-mailbox quota.


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