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Why is My Plug-in Not Syncing My Messages, etc.?

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There can be several reasons why this might be happening. The primary reasons could be that the network connection for you plug-in has been lost/blocked and/or you might not be logged in.

Things to note:

  • (1) Virus protection software, firewall software, etc could be blocking your connection. Please be sure to mark the plug-in as an approved file - the process to do this depends on the software you use. The "Help" within the software typical explains this in detail.
  • (2) When Outlook first opened, were you offered the login screen? If not, restart Outlook without any other programs running on your machine. In most case, this will cause the login screen to appear.
  • (3) Within Outlook, try to switch to another folder. This will cause the plug-in to refresh and retrieve un-synced messages, etc.
  • (4) Be sure the plug-in is not deactivated. To check this, right-click on the "Notifier" icon next your clock. Be sure there is a check mark next to "Activate".


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