ContactMe is a contact and task management tool that helps entrepreneurs get organized so they can grow their business, wow their customers, and save time in the process.

  • Communicate easily by consolidating and sorting all your contacts, leads, and customers
  • Wow clients by staying on top of tasks, deadlines, emails, and meetings
  • Attract more leads by adding the ContactMe button and web form everywhere you are on the Web

PipelineDeals provides simple and powerful tools to help your sales team manage and track their sales pipeline.

  • Help you and your sales team cultivate your leads and manage your sales pipeline resulting in more closed deals.
  • Entirely web-based, which means your team can use it from anywhere in the world.
  • Customized to fit your business needs and sales process.

Use DOTGO to reach your customers directly and effectively with text messaging.

  • Promote your business with both interactive and broadcast text messaging
  • Create direct and effective text messaging services in minutes
  • Reach mobile users simply and affordably



BookFresh™ makes it easy for customers to schedule appointments online.

  • Provide superior customer service by offering 24/7 online booking
  • The Booking Widget can be easily integrated with your existing website
  • Access your booking system from your iPhone for on-the-go management

Grow your sales and manage prospects and customers with the award-winning Zoho® CRM. Zoho CRM is ideal for organizations with 1-100 sales people. It is simple to use, yet packed with features and advanced functionality.

  • First 3 users absolutely Free
  • No strings attached, no commitments, no hassle
  • 360 degree view of your business: sales, marketing, inventory, invoicing and help desk