LeadZumba is a leading provider of high quality leads at competitive prices. LeadZumba collects only permission-based, opt-in leads through multiple email, landing pages, websites, portals, TV, radio, and priority SEO and PPC techniques.


  • Hundreds of Verticals
  • User Defined Filters/Fields
  • Qualified & Verified for Highest Quality
  • Output Formats: cvc, doc, txt, and more
  • Delivery Modes: real-time, email, live transfer
  • Mobile Marketing
  • CRM Integration
  • Predictive Dialer Solutions
  • Data Scrubbing & Appends Technologies
  • Exclusive, Non-exclusive & Aged Leads Available

LeadZumba helps small to large size businesses, entrepreneurs and individual home-based businesses save time and money with opt-in, permission-based lead generation and seamless implementation techniques.