Salesgenie is an online prospecting and marketing solution.  Whether you're looking for new customers locally or nationally, Salesgenie combines prospecting and marketing into one tool, making it easy to find new customers to grow your business.


Data Powered by Infogroup
Infogroup's commitment to quality and accuracy is why thousands of companies use our data every day. In fact, Infogroup data powers the top 5 internet search engines, and our data is used in more than 90% of in-car navigation systems.

At Infogroup, we invest millions of dollars to bring our customers the freshest, most accurate information available. We are the only company that compiles our business and consumer data under one roof. More than 600 full-time researchers gather information from hundreds of sources. We have made a tremendous investment in new data sources and technology that allows us to receive transactional information faster so we can offer more accurate data to our customers more rapidly than ever before.

Salesgenie Business Database
Every month, more than one million business records change. Our business data is gathered from multiple sources and is telephone-verified to ensure accuracy. The database includes nearly every single business in the U.S., no matter how small, how large, or how newly established.

Brand New Businesses - Updated Weekly
This database includes businesses that have just opened their doors. New business listings are added weekly for the freshest data available.

Salesgenie Consumer Databases
With contact information for more than 205 million consumers and 75 million households, this database offers the most complete consumer data available. Covering more than 95% of the households in the U.S., the consumer database is created by merging about 2 billion records from multiple sources.

New Movers - Updated Weekly
This database offers 40,000 new movers on a daily basis, 300,000 weekly, and 1.2 million monthly. Although almost all businesses can benefit from finding a hot new prospect first, this database is ideal for churches, grocery stores, insurance agents, dentists, dry cleaners, daycare centers and restaurants and gas stations.

Additional Products and Services
Salesgenie is a division of Infogroup, which means we offer a wide variety of products and services to help you grow your business.  Our solutions include email marketing, direct mail, customized business and consumer lists, and data processing.