TechCrunch May Not Have All the Facts

by Shashi Bellamkonda on June 20, 2008


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Our position has inspired several great blog posts, most of them in favor of adding surcharges to domain tasting (see: WebProNews, DomainNameWire and CircleID). As per our earlier post today, we believe this will end domain tasting and front running.

One negative story was the TechCrunch story, “ Network Solutions Is Suddenly Opposed to Domain Hijacking: which says that this represents a 180 degree turn for Network Solutions and that our position should raise “the hypocrisy flag.”

In actuality, while we are grateful for Michael Arrington’s post highlighting the importance of ICANN’s conference next week, he may not have all of the facts. As this link to past e-mails shows, Network Solutions has been working to resolve the issue of domain tasting for more than three years. We’ve always taken it very seriously.

Per my comment in Arrington’s post, “We published this statement today and alerted bloggers such as [Michael Arrington] who have already demonstrated interest in this issue. Next week’s conference is a critical moment for domain registration and issues of tasting, kiting and front running. We believe that collectively all of us can inspire ICANN to address this important matter.”

We hope you will write ICANN today and urge them to pass this provision, too.

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    • http://www.afitspot.com/blog1 Zig2k143

      I agree Network Solutions has been working on this issue for a long time now. I myself have seen many innocent people lose domain names they searched on.

    • http://Rocketmail.com Bobby Ocean

      # Bobby Ocean

      June 20th, 2008 at 1:34 pm

      I have had a number of clients that have hit the wall on this as of late. I am so glad you put up[ the post, cause Network Solutions and GoDaddy are a bunch of lying extortionists who are scamming their customers.

      These days, I use the internal registrations within the 2 primary hosting companies I use for my clients, Blue Host and Mosso.

      When a client comes to me with domains already registered with Network Solutions and GoDaddy I cringe. These bastards make it almost impossible to transfer registrations, and GoDaddy has an abominable practice that locks up the domain and hosting for 60 days if you are not careful.

      I have nothing at all good to say about these two particular companies and I tell anyone I do work with that they are lying scum, and to never, ever go near their online systems.

      Network Solutions and GoDaddy are absolute and total trash !

    • TH

      Hi Bobby :)

      To be fair about GoDaddy, it is a rule by ICANN that you cant transfer within 60 days if you have transfered it or changed the Contact information.

      But about the other things, you are right.

      I normally use these sites, which I have found reliable and trustworthy:

      http://www.77gb.net (.com is for those who wants to be a reseller)

      Good luck to you.

    • http://johnson.com John

      For those of you who have any doubt and are not familiar with Network Solution’s practices, let me clear it up.

      Network Solutions has been extremely abusive to its customers for as long as it has been in busy.

      Remember the good ole days when you guys used to charge $60/year for a domain because you had a monopoly? Very scummy.

      I shouldn’t waste my time on this but I want to warn anybody who has even thought of doing business with these guys. They are scummy and will try to scum you out of your money.

      A class action suit was filed in February against these guys.


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    • http://theinstantdomainer.com Amar

      NS has long held the monopoly on domain names via registrar functions. Ultimately the imbalance was corrected and other registrars emerged. Exploiting that monopoly as it erodes to shrink its competitor base and respond to industrywide criticism of domain tasting when NS helds/registers the domains themselves is on balance hypocritical and so much hand waving.

    • http://www.shashi.name/ shashib

      Thanks for your comments TH and Bobby Ocean,

      If you have any issues transferring a domain name from Network Solutions please feel free to use the contact info at the top of this page and we can help you. Even when a customer is transferring a domain name away from us we take steps to make sure that the request is a legitimate transfer request and not an attempt to hijack a domain. We save a number of domains each month from wrongful transfer attempts and many of our customers have appreciated the steps we have in place to prevent the potential hijacking of domains.

      Just to give you an example of my personal experience my credit card company calls me often when there is suspicious behavior regarding a charge even if it happens 10 miles from where I stay. I actually appreciate they are looking out for me. Network Solutions is looking out for its customers here.


    • Misty

      We’ve been trying to transfer our domain and EVERYONE who has answered the phone in the “Transfer Domain” department was extremely rude. One girl kept telling me to log into our account, but when I couldn’t she told me to reset my password, which locks out transfers for 60 days. She didn’t tell me about the lockout – someone else there had previously told me. She immediately started raising her voice telling me GoDaddy was wrong to tell me that. I told her it was their company who told me and she yelled “NO WE DID NOT TELL YOU THAT”. Really? Because you were there when the other gal first told me?

      Finally after 6 calls we got them to send us an authorization code. But here’s the kicker. The guy tells me, when you get the email click the link to let us know you want to confirm the transfer. I actually READ the email that says if you want to stop the transfer, click the link and your transfer will be canceled. VERY shifty. The guy had asked if there was anything they could do to keep our business. I told him after the way we were treated, we would never use them again and I would go out of my way to make sure no one uses them when we’re asked for a recommendation. They go out of their way to sound sugar sweet here, but I promise you, they were downright nasty.

      We switched to GoDaddy because I personally have domains and hosting with them. I’ve been very happy with their service and performance.

    • http://www.afitspot.com GerryRosso

      Misty thank you for commenting on our blog.

      I am sorry and deeply apologize that you had these types of issues. If you would be so kind as to send me more information about the situation. (Service Request Numbers, Domain Name, Account Information) I would be more then happy to look into this and coach our representatives accordingly.

      If you are still having issues or if you need anything else at all please feel free to contact me directly and I’ll make sure to take care of it.


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