Aesops Fables and Corporate Blogs

by Shashi Bellamkonda on December 15, 2008


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Guest post from Eric Bagett a SEO expert and Social media practitioner who works in the Network Solutions Belville offices.

Jeremiah Owyang had a great blog post on December 10th entitled “Health Check: How Trusted is Your Corporate Blog?” It’s filled with great blogging advice that, unfortunately, many bloggers do not heed. It got me thinking about a familiar story as a child.

Growing up, my family was fond of Aesop’s fable “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” I heard it a million times it seems. “Be careful about crying wolf,” my Father used to say. That same principle can be applied to blogging, especially corporate blogging.

There is a simple rule to blogging that drives most best practices – be who you are and contribute in a meaningful way. A guaranteed formula for crippling a corporate/business blog before it ever has a chance to flourish is to cry wolf by posting sporadic, self-promoting material. Everyone has seen the blog that is nothing more than a marketing brochure meant to replicate direct mail or display ads. Listen to me. It won’t work. Blog readers see through it in an instance. Many take offense, seeing this type of blatant messaging as disregard for their intelligence and time.

Instead create real value. Give your readers a reason to return. Provide a unique, intelligent voice that demonstrates real interest in furthering the topic of discussion. As Owyang points out, write with a human voice, admit wrongdoing and be open to improvements, give credit where credit is due, and include the customer.

Blogs can be a powerful medium for generating customer loyalty, fostering innovative product ideas, and exciting people about your company. Find the right formula and you won’t have to message your product . . . your customers will champion your company for you.

Just remember, Aesop said it best – “No one believes a liar . . . even when he is telling the truth!”

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