Solutions Out Loud Podcast Episode #6 – "The Inaugural Ball" Episode

by Steve Fisher on January 23, 2009


Available now for your listening pleasure is Episode #6 of Solutions Out Loud, the Network Solutions podcast that covers news, business trends, tips for small businesses and anything else that is relevant to you our faithful listeners.

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In this episode we talk about the upcoming inauguration (as of the recording of this episode) and all the parties here in the District. We also talk about a new women entrepreneurship blog that Network Solutions has launched called “Women Grow Business“, the launch of our new developer community, LinkTogether and we throw in a few business tips for you this week.

Here are the details:

What’s New Segment
Jill Foster:
a) The soft launching of a new Network Solutions blog — Women In Business — at www.womengrowbusiness.com
Exciting news! … Network Solutions is supporting a new blog dedicated to women in business. So the team is launching exactly that: a community blog called ‘Women In Business’. Women’s experience will drive conversation here plus stories on success, failure, leadership, economic trends & strategic decisions, entrepreneurship, and more.

Week in Review Segment
Joe Loong:
Last week’s highlight: Talking about the “If You Build It, Will They Come?” event, with a focus on using different tools for different tasks.

Jill Foster:
Last week on Solutions Are Power – post: 2009 Predictions Revisited: 4 metrics tools for social media (and competing with Steve!)

Touching base again on our Solutions Out Loud ‘Predictions Show’, I wanted to share more about my one ‘double down’ prediction for 2009 i.e. metrics tools will increase this year. So in light of that forecast, I shared a few measurement services and tools that could help small business measure data & results for their social media campaigns.

Steve Fisher:
Launch of LinkTogether and my “5 Reasons Web Developers Have a Great Community” post

Business Tips Segment
Joe Loong:
Business Tip: Keeping a topic slushpile — have a reserve of things you can blog about, that you can reach into when you find a topical hook, or need something to write about.

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