Small businesses are optimistic, regardless of the current gloomy economic situation : Roy Dunbar CEO on Fox News

by Shashi Bellamkonda on April 1, 2009


Roy Dunbar CEO of Network Solutions spoke to Jenna Miller on Fox Business about Small Business and their optimism despite the economy.

During the conversation Roy and Jenna discussed the findings of the Small Business Success Index and the pulse of Small Business.  The Small Business Success Index (www.growsmartbusiness.com) that Network Solutions and the University of Maryland where more than 1,000 small business owners were interviewed by phone  for the Small Business Success Index and results show that 69% of the small business respondents made a profit in 2008. We believe that entrepreneurs and small businesses can use the Small Business Success Index to optimize their performance for maximum success.

  • Large companies that are struggling in different ways. there’s a different sector of the economy. struggling, but much more optimistic. it is run by individual business owners who have their finger on the pulse not just of the local economy, but their customers
  • New jobs in the u.s. are created by small business but what dominates the news cycle is job layoffs
  • Women typically have a more optimistic mind-set than men, much more internet savvy and in general even though they run a smaller businesses they typically believe those businesses are more successful
  • 69% of small businesses made a profit, many of them have a positive outlook on the economy, and are actually very resilience.

The interview can be seen on the Fox Business  website .

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