LazyFeed Offers A Social Reason To Use Real-Time Search

by Ken Yeung on May 26, 2010


Last year, I wrote about a new startup emerging from relative obscurity to take the stage at TechCrunch’s Real-Time CrunchUp in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now, just last week, it seems that they have decided to evolve themselves to become more social. Just who am I talking about? Why, it’s LazyFeed, a real-time aggregator of content to provide you with info you want at your beck and call.

In its past form, LazyFeed was a service site designed not to show others about what you were searching for nor was it designed to do anything viral. It was entirely a one person viewing party, which makes a lot of sense because why would others care what you’re searching for in real-time? But in an age of social media where every startup simply needs to have a some form of shareability with their service, it seemed that LazyFeed was getting it half-right…they had the real-time search part down, but with no virality? That’s ludicrous! Well starting last week, LazyFeed has changed the way real-time search is being done by making it easier for you to share your searches.

With a redesigned website, LazyFeed is set out to change the perception that search is only a “read-only” function – now it’s also a “write”. What this means is that you can still conduct your searches in real-time to find out the latest trends and mentions as it relates to your topic/search query – whether that’s “Small business” or “online marketing” or whatever else you desire, but then you can easily take those results and pass them along in your very own channel. That’s right…LazyFeed will now let you create your own search channel that can be publicized to the world. Moreover, in the first release, we were only allowed one “lazyfeed”, but this time around, the team at LazyFeed has allowed us the chance to create multiple feeds to search. What this means is that you won’t have to re-type your search queries and will be able to search across multiple feed topics at once. Unlike their old iteration, users were forced to click and view feed topics one by one to see the new mentions and posts, but this time, you’re greeted with a dashboard that users can keep open and watch a dynamic display of updates come across the screen.

So where’s the virality? Well here’s where it happens…LazyFeed has followed the bandwagon like most social networks to allow you to follow other LazyFeed users. Just like in Facebook, MySpace or even Twitter, you’re now able to simply go to a friend’s LazyFeed profile and/or URL and instantly follow what they’re posting. Or, you can also periodically come back to their site, click on one of their channels, highlight one of the stories in that channel and post it to your very own LazyFeed account. The site now makes the web like a Chinese menu – you can simply pick and choose your own things of interest. It truly has become lazy.

What does this mean for your business? Well if you’re a blogger or are interested in creating your very own form of a social media monitoring tool, then the service that LazyFeed offers you might be worth taking a look at. The real-time social search dashboard approach is a pretty good way to find out what people are saying about your competitors. If you’re an airline interested in seeing what people are saying about you and your competitors, then you can do a Lazy search on your brand followed by additional channels focused on your competitors. From those posts, you can get a non-scientific way of measuring how well you’re doing in the industry. Also, if you’re trying to figure out how to do a marketing campaign on Facebook or even do some email marketing, then create a channel focused on those broad topics and see what news or posts appear in real-time. You might find one that you like. But the better thing is to see if an influencer has a profile on LazyFeed, then you can follow them on the site and see what content they find interesting so you could reach out to them on their level.

LazyFeed’s new service is out and available for use on their site by clicking here. You can read more about their update on their blog here.

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