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Does My Organization Need Secure File Sharing?

Secure File Sharing

From Our Partners at PreVeil

In this time of increased digital collaboration, you might be asking yourself if your company’s cyber hygiene is up to snuff. Does your organization need a secure file sharing system? In short, yes.

Across many industries, we see sophisticated nation-state adversaries and financially motivated hackers launching successful attacks. These attacks span across a diverse mix of companies and industries such as Capital OneAirbus and Westech International. If you’re sharing and storing valuable data in the cloud, attackers will be tireless in their efforts to access it.

Existing systems like Google Drive, Box and Dropbox rely on an outdated security model that leaves plenty of opportunities for attacks. Their protections are based on building taller and taller walls to keep ever increasingly sophisticated hackers out. This strategy is inherently flawed. For starters, the provider of the service has full visibility of your data in the cloud. If the service provider can see your data, a sufficiently skilled adversary can too.

No matter how tall the wall, attackers find ways into a server by various methods such as exploiting software vulnerabilities or compromising server administrator credentials. They can compromise user and system accounts via password breaches or brute force attacks. They spoof and phish in persistent and large volumes until they find one little chink in the armor that will bring the whole system crashing down or serve as a pivot point into other backend systems. When data is exposed on a server anywhere, it doesn’t matter how much you do right in terms of cyber protection. All a bad actor needs is to find the one thing you don’t do right enough.

The Department of Defense has recognized the vulnerability of existing file-sharing systems. To address this dangerous gap in security, they have created a new compliance framework. The DoD’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program is rolling out this year for all defense contractors and subcontractors. Going forward, Google Drive, Dropbox and the like are ineligible to be used by manufacturers that handle contracts or Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) for the Department of Defense.

Defense companies working with CUI no longer have a choice. It is now a matter of compliance; you must upgrade to a secure file sharing system. For you, the answer is easy. For companies with less stringent compliance factors still need secure file sharing. Anyone dealing with sensitive data must protect that data.

Semiconductor vendors and manufacturers work with downstream suppliers who may not have consistent cybersecurity standards. In recent attacks on Airbus and on Westech International by nation-state adversaries, weak links in the supply chain were a target of those actors who had upstream aims. In these attacks, it is not only the company under attack that is compromised but their partners. For those upstream partners, having a secure file sharing system allows them to protect their data even when communicating within their supply chains.

Similarly, biotech and medical firms are under high pressure to secure their intellectual property and client data. The recent attacks on COVID researchers across the US show the lengths an adversary will go to in order to steal valuable biotech data. A breach can cost those companies their entire business where years of research, adding up to millions of dollars invested, can be lost in one unfortunate leak.

No matter what the industry, there is data to protect. Whether it is legal, financial, personal or intellectual property data, you should be in control of who can access it. During this time of telework, even companies in industries that are not traditionally concerned with security have an extra reason to shape up. With the dramatic increase in digital collaboration that we have all experienced this year, there has been a parallel increase in cyber risk. But there is a simple solution to help — encrypted file-sharing systems that protect your data even if an attacker is able to compromise servers or credentials.

Introducing PreVeil

Network Solutions is pleased to announce a partnership with PreVeil to offer a secure file sharing system to our customers. PreVeil Drive supports compliance with even the most stringent security requirements for companies working with the Department of Defense. Files are end-to-end encrypted, which means that files are encrypted on the user’s device. The cloud servers never see unencrypted data, so even if the attacker gets to the server, all data is encrypted.  Your data is protected from password attacks because there are no passwords. Access to data is granted by an unguessable encryption key that’s stored on your device. Data cannot be compromised even if an IT administrator account is.

PreVeil Drive offers top security in a cost-effective, easy to deploy and easy to use package. It also comes with an integrated encrypted email capability, so you can lock down all of your digital communications in one fell swoop. It not only provides the highest level of security for your data and internal communications but also makes it effortless to securely share data with partners and suppliers. PreVeil is so secure and so easy to use that it’s PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice.

We are pleased to offer you a gold standard cybersecurity solution. At an affordable price and unbeatable ease of use, PreVeil Drive is the file-sharing system of the future. Check out this demo and learn more here.