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5 Ways to Leverage Technology to Provide Contactless Payment Options

account_circle Network Solutions Team

Key Takeaways

  • With customers increasingly expecting contactless payment options, you need to offer them.
  • Electronic invoices, “pay now” eCommerce buttons and pre-authorized transactions are popular contactless payment methods. 
  • Network Solutions offers online resources that allow you to connect with more customers and generate greater revenue. 


Offering multiple, convenient ways for your customers to pay your organization is no longer just a competitive advantage – it’s an outright necessity. Customers are increasingly up-to-speed with the latest technology and expect fast and easy transactions when making a purchase. Add to this coronavirus implications and contactless payments take on even greater importance. In fact, 60 percent of consumers have used contactless payment options in the past and nearly 100 percent of this customer segment will continue to do so. In addition, nearly 20 percent of customers say that having a contactless payment option is a deciding factor in whether they make a purchase

Contactless payment options are just one more innovation you can use to make sales. To help you get started, here are five ways you can offer contactless payment options to your customers.

1. Electronic Invoices

As a service-based organization, you may not have a storefront option that makes it easy for customers to pay you. Electronic invoices allow your organization to collect payments by linking customers to an online payment center or your website. Consumers simply need a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone device and access to the internet to pay anytime, anywhere with a credit or debit card. You can also offer convenient options like Venmo and PayPal.

Online invoicing systems like WaveChargeBee and Due make setting up an electronic invoice system fast and easy. An added bonus is that you will have organized electronic records of all of your invoices, payments due and payments received to help make your company’s bookkeeping and accounting processes easier. The fact that they are contact-free and paperless make this a popular form of payment for both customers and businesses. 

2. “Pay Now” eCommerce Buttons

Your website is much more than a place where people visit to learn more about your business and brand. Especially now, it’s important to think of it as a revenue stream. Whether you are a product- or services-based business, having a prominent “pay now” button visible throughout your website will encourage people to pay their bills or make purchases faster. This means that your organization is always open for business and able to receive payments anytime and from virtually anywhere. 

You will want to also include a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate to protect your customers’ private and personal data when they make a purchase or pay a bill. Adding this certificate to your site allows you to feature the padlock logo on your website and in your navigation bars. Customers see this as a symbol of safety and security which increases their comfort level with your online store and brand and gives added credibility to your organization. 

3. Text Payments

Text payments allow you to reach out to your customers (with their opt-in permission) to remind them of upcoming payments. Text messages have an open rate of 97 percent as opposed to emails which are under 15 percent, meaning this is a great and effective way to help ensure your company gets paid on time. Customers also appreciate the ease and simplicity of clicking a link on their mobile devices and quickly paying a bill with a pre-loaded credit card or with online resources like Venmo and PayPal.

This flexible payment option ensures that your company can close out a transaction as soon as the service is completed. Many customers also like the fact that they can pay immediately upon receipt of a bill so they don’t have to wait for an invoice later. Maybe the best part of text payments is that they are received on a mobile device. With more people staying home and working remotely, smartphones and tablets have become even more important – use this to your advantage. 

4. Pre-Authorized Transactions

This type of payment is perfect for hotels and car rental agencies where the total amount of a transaction is unknown when a credit card or other contactless payment option is first accessed. Pre-authorizing of a transaction acts as a hold on funds for a credit and no funds will be deducted until a customer has received service in full (as in checking out of a hotel and returning a rental car) and the final amount of the transaction is known.

option makes it fast and easy for customers to enter their payment options upfront into a website or online system before receiving services. This also makes it easy for your team since the payment information is pre-loaded and ready to authorize when the sale or service is completed. Best of all, with a pre-authorized transaction, you know that the customers’ funds are readily available and there will be no delay in receiving payment. 

5. Payment in Advance

Payment in advance allows your customers to enter their form of payment into your website or online billing system in advance of a purchase or payment. This method is frequently used by companies that offer things like gym memberships, magazine subscriptions and website hosting services. After payment preauthorization and setup, you withdraw funds from a customer’s bank account or credit card on a set date in a yearly, monthly or weekly payment schedule. 

This option allows you to streamline your company’s billing process and save countless hours in invoicing and collection protocols. Clients like this option because it allows them to pay as they go or break down a total amount into manageable monthly or weekly transactions. Your company receives the benefit of customers who are committing to consistently do business with your organization and are making it easy for you to collect payments.

We Help You Make the Most of Contactless Payment Options

Network Solutions offers online resources that allow you to connect with more customers and generate greater revenue. Our easy to use website builder will help you construct a site that attracts qualified leads and results in more sales conversions. We can help you with eCommerce and Accept Online Payment options that make it fast and easy for customers to pay your organization. We also offer options like SSL certificates to protect data during online transactions and professional email to keep your team in close online contact with your company’s customers. Depend on us for expert support through every step of the process. 

Less Contact, More Positive Impact

Contactless payment options can make purchase and payment transactions easier and more efficient for both you and your customers. Trust Network Solutions for all of your company’s online needs and to make your job easier and more productive. 


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