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Mobile Safeguard: Cyber Security in a Remote Work World

account_circle Network Solutions Team
Mobile Security

Key Takeaways:

  • Especially in times like these, you need to make the most of your IT budget and resources.
  • With cyber attacks on the rise, protecting your valuable business data is critical to your organization, which makes mobile cyber security a must.
  • Network Solutions’ Cyber Security Solution allows your team to utilize mobile devices for work tasks safely and securely.


If you’re like many IT professionals, you’re currently managing your company’s digital resources outside of a traditional office space and working to accommodate the growing needs of a work-from-home employee base.

While some of the business world has slowed due to effects from the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, cyber criminals are actively creating “phishing” attacks designed to lure unsuspecting internet users to click on malicious links or files. When this happens, hackers can gain access to your critical information and compromise your internal and external networks. Add to this the fact that more remote team members are using mobile devices to conduct business on a daily basis during this time and suddenly you are faced with additional security risks that can result in downtime, decreased productivity and at-risk data for your company and clients.

It’s a lot to think about – how can you quickly and effectively help to ensure your business team can safely work on their mobile devices while minimizing and managing the threat of cyber attacks against your organization?

Reliable Mobile Security Makes Your Job Easier

During the coronavirus crisis and even when things are a bit more “normal,’” having access to proven security resources can help to lighten your load and increase productivity. Hiring a security professional to add to your IT team is not always a budget-efficient option, but there are affordable solutions available.

Network Solutions’ Cyber Security Solution is a great way to protect data that is accessed on iOS and Android mobile devices by your team. Designed specifically for mobile applications, you’ll rest easier knowing that you have added support for ensuring the integrity of your business information systems.

6 Ways the Cyber Security Solution Protects Against Online Threats


Home Screen

1. Provides a Secure Browsing Environment

The average cyber attack costs a company nearly $3 million dollars in damages. That’s why it’s important to protect unsuspecting employees and minimize company risk by providing your mobile device users with a virtual private network (VPN) that offers a secure, private connection. This will also help to safeguard mobile devices against malicious websites and phishing attacks used by hackers to gain access to your business data. Cyber Security Solution constantly scans URL addresses and notifies the mobile user if there is a cyber threat.

Safe Browsing

2. Monitors Your Company’s Mobile Devices Nonstop

Most U.S. companies agree that cybersecurity is an essential investment. That’s why Cyber Security Solution is always working to add value to your IT security efforts. Constantly scanning private and public WiFi networks for threats, it provides alerts when a network is potentially dangerous or under cyber attack. It also checks to ensure your employees are utilizing the latest operating system on their mobile devices and have properly set password protocols to prevent outsiders from accessing your private business information.

Safe WiFi

3. Safeguards Your Business Identity

With a nearly 50 percent increase in business identity theft since 2018, protecting your corporate information is a critical priority. By constantly scanning the internet and social media, Cyber Security Solution can detect business identity theft and alerts you in real time if this information has been compromised so you can take action. To limit possible damage, it also offers upgrade services that include a toolkit for identity restoration and insurance for any losses.

Identity Protection

4. Protects Against Mobile Device Theft

Nearly two-thirds of all businesses cite employee negligence as a cause of data breaches, including stolen or misplaced mobile devices. If an employee is a victim of theft or loses a mobile device, Cyber Security Solution alerts you with an email that includes its location. You can also disable the mobile device by remotely locking it and clearing it of all data. Finally, Cyber Security Solution makes it possible to trigger the camera and send you a photo via email which may offer additional information.

Missing Device

5. Promotes Risk Mitigation

security breach costs companies an average of eight hours of downtime. To prevent this from happening to your organization, Cyber Security Solution constantly monitors the apps your employees access on their mobile devices and scans for viruses and spyware that are detrimental to your business. When a potential threat is detected, a notification alerts your employees and is documented in a breach report so they can take immediate action.

Breach Report

6. Provides You With 24/7 Access to Security Experts

In addition to a highly-effective app, Cyber Security Solution offers you another valuable asset you might not expect – round-the-clock access to proven and experienced IT security experts. If you experience a cyber threat, this team will work as a seamless extension of your IT staff to protect your business, recommend specific steps to resolve the problem and help you develop a plan to prevent additional issues in the future.

Maximum Security Features for a Minimal Investment

When you’re responsible for keeping your organization safe and secure from cyber threats, you need to make the most of your resources and budget. Cyber Security Solution helps you do both by providing you with an affordable way to protect your company’s data on mobile devices. For just $4.99 a month or $49.90 a year, you can provide five team members with access to a professional security app on their mobile devices, plus have the support of an expert cyber security team. To subscribe to Cyber Security Solution, click here.

Mobile Security Saftey

Professional-Grade IT Security for Team Members on the Go

With more work being conducted on mobile devices every day, you need proven cyber security to safeguard your company’s valuable data and assets. Expand your resources for an affordable investment with Cyber Security Solution and you’ll receive an invaluable benefit – peace of mind.


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