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Protect Your Website With Proven Security Solutions

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Website Security

Key Takeaways:

  • Cyberattacks on business websites are on the rise, especially during the coronavirus crisis.
  • To protect the company and customer data on your organization’s websites, you need proven security solutions.
  • Network Solutions’ can make your life easier with security solutions that protect against cyberattacks while helping to ensure your company’s websites are running strong.


If you’re like many companies across the U.S. and around the world, your organization has been impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. While we often hear stories of dedication and goodwill during a time like this, unfortunately there is an ever-growing group that does not have the best interests of your employees or customers at heart – cyber hackers.

Even in less challenging times your website is at risk from malware – malicious software that can infect your site and compromise your company and customer data – and cyberattacks have greatly increased. From making sure your company’s remote workforce is up and running to ensuring your corporate servers are always accessible, you have a lot on your plate.

How can you protect the integrity of your company’s websites to safeguard them from cyber threats and help customers to have a positive and reliable online experience? Here are some security features that can help.

Malware Protection

Safeguarding your organization’s data is one of your key responsibilities. If you don’t have adequate resources, it can keep you up at night. In fact, nearly half of all IT professionals report being concerned about cyberattacks during coronavirus and with good reason. Over 18 million websites are currently infected with malware and no matter how large or small your company, you are at risk. With over 1 million new website threats each day, you need daily malware scanning to protect your company’s site data.

Your business’s customers are also looking for reassurances in the coronavirus economy. They want to know that any personal information they share with your organization is safe and secure. Websites that have tools to protect against malware are more likely to be trusted by consumers who visit them. With more people spending time online during coronavirus, keeping your site malware-free is critical.

Downtime Prevention

In addition to data security concerns, cyberattacks can result in something equally detrimental – website and workforce downtime. Compromised data takes an average of one week to regain even if you have it backed up to a hosting or cloud environment, and that’s valuable time you can’t afford to waste. Even as businesses gradually begin to reopen across the country, you probably still have a large number of remote employees. Their ability to access your company websites and servers is critical to the ongoing success of your organization. Plus, when customers can’t access your business websites, online revenue and brand engagement will decrease.

Look for security and hosting options that protect your website from vulnerabilities, like malware injecting into your HTML and JavaScript code or DDoS attacks, and solve problems before they become major issues. Now more than ever, your organization’s websites need to keep customers informed about your business and engaged with your brand. Find a reliable security source that offers proven options and is readily available to answer questions and provide support.

Website Security Solutions

Customer Safeguards

The amount of online purchases has been steadily increasing for years and this trend is now being amplified during coronavirus. This puts added focus on your company’s eCommerce capabilities because customers list trust as an important driver in their online buying actions and habits. To protect your customers’ eCommerce experiences, you’ll want SSL certification so they know their financial transactions are encrypted and safe.

SSL certificates guard your customers’ personal information during the purchase process which helps to validate that your organization is safe and secure to do online business with – an important element for establishing trust. There are many SSL certificate options that can be customized for the specific needs of your business and customers. An experienced security source can help you choose the one that best suits your organization’s needs.

Trust Network Solutions for Website Security

Backed by decades of experience, Network Solutions understands the security challenges you face every day as an IT professional. That’s why we offer proven solutions like SiteLock Defend™, a malware detection and removal tool that protects your business sites from the top hacks that threaten businesses across the globe. With a built-in content delivery network (CDN) and basic web application firewall, this SSL-compatible security resource frequently scans your sites to protect against vulnerabilities.

Is your website already infected? We have an easy solution for that too with SiteLock 911®. For a budget-friendly one-time purchase, SiteLock 911® instantly goes to work, scanning to identify and remove malware until your site is safe and clean. When you turn to Network Solutions, our SSL certificate experts will help you find an option that’s right for your business.

Best of all, when you need us most, we’re here for you. Our reliable and experienced security advisors are always ready with award-winning customer support that is trusted by Fortune 500 companies.

Safe and Secure Options to Make Your Life Easier

To protect your company’s websites from cyber threats such as malware, you need security solutions you can count on. Network Solutions offers you proven options to keep your sites secure and running right.


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