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Protection and Prevention: Understanding Vulnerability Management

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Vulnerability management

Key Takeaways:

  • Due to a dramatic increase in cyberattacks during the coronavirus pandemic, your company may be more at risk than ever before.
  • IT managers are utilizing vulnerability management techniques, including identifying, evaluating, managing and reporting potential threats in networks and system software.
  • Network Solutions has vulnerability management resources to help you protect your company’s data and give you peace of mind.


When a major cruise line was forced to dock its ships worldwide due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis earlier this year, the company thought its situation could not get much worse. Then they discovered that a data breach in the company’s email accounts compromised passenger information, addresses, social security and driver’s license numbers along with financial and health data.

Unfortunately, incidents like this are not uncommon. Due to a dramatic increase in cyberattacks during the pandemic, your company may be more at risk than ever before. Since the beginning of 2020, cybercrimes against U.S. businesses have spiked over 400 percent. It’s an eye-opening number and whether you manage the IT efforts of a small or mid-sized company, the threat is very real.

Consider this: over 60 percent of business data breaches are due to lack of vulnerability management. Let’s take a closer look at how understanding this concept may determine whether you are able to safely protect your company’s data.

Understanding the Most Common and Costly Online Threats

It’s a growing threat – and it’s coming at one of the worst possible times. No matter what type of organization you work for, as an IT decision maker you need to be prepared to protect your company’s valuable data systems and networks. Nearly 60 percent of all U.S. small and mid-sized organizations are victims of cyberattacks each year and the numbers continue to expand at an eye-opening rate.

Unfortunately, being unprepared for digital crimes is a costly proposition few businesses can afford. The average financial loss associated with a cyberattack is $200,000 – an unrecoverable amount that can be severely detrimental to operations. Common attacks preferred by hackers include phishing, a cybercrime in which someone poses as a legitimate organization and lures employees into providing private and classified data and malware, malicious software planted by hackers to infiltrate the data in your networks.

Both of these types of attacks are highly prevalent and remote workforces are especially susceptible, leaving you and your company vulnerable. What can you do to safeguard your company’s and customer’s valuable information and data?

Vulnerability Management: Like Preventative Maintenance for Your Security Systems

Many IT managers are not just choosing to take these cyberattacks in stride – they’re taking action in the form of vulnerability management. This process involves identifying, evaluating, managing and reporting potential threats in networks and system software. The goal is to find any security weaknesses or risks and repair them before malware can cause harm to your networks and compromise company data.

This practice can help you ensure your data remains safe and secure while preventing system damage that costs an organization an average of 10 days of downtime and an 8 percent loss in data. A growing number of IT professionals view vulnerability management as ongoing preventative maintenance for their security systems. It’s an essential tool for protecting the integrity of private data on websites, email systems and data networks.

Risk Managment

How Vulnerability Management Works

Vulnerability management takes a holistic approach to the security of your systems and data. It employs constant monitoring for threats so repairs and corrections can be frequently and effectively made. Threats are prioritized by which ones pose the most immediate risks to your networks and systems.

To fully and efficiently implement a vulnerability management strategy, you need access to website scanning resources so that malware can be quickly detected and removed from your systems and networks. Tracking and recording this malware data can help you identify and determine cyberattack patterns and formulate strategies for prevention. Who can you turn to for vulnerability management resources?

Trust Us for Vulnerability Management Solutions

Network Solutions offers proven resources that can play an integral role in your vulnerability management strategies. Our complete line of security options includes SiteLock® Defend™ which provides daily vulnerability scans of your websites, features a global content delivery network (CDN), is SSL compatible and automatically removes malware. Our SiteLock 911® software automatically scans and removes malware until your site is clean and sends you email notifications when action is taken – a great advantage for vulnerability management reporting.

Finally, you can trust our Cyber Security Solution to monitor your team’s remote devices like smartphones and tablets to protect them against malware and cyberattacks – a factor that’s especially important for your remote workers. Especially in the coronavirus economy, preventative maintenance resources are a smart investment in the present and future of your organization. Plus, these security options also offer you something that’s hard to put a price on – your peace of mind.

Manage Threats Before They Cause Harm

The best way to manage a cyberattack is to quickly identify and remove the threat from your system before it creates problems. Trust Network Solutions for all of your vulnerability management resources during the pandemic and beyond. We’re always ready to help with your online security needs.


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