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Sustainable Security: Data Protection During Coronavirus and Beyond

account_circle Network Solutions Team
Data Protection

Key Takeaways:

  • Cyber hackers are always a threat to your company but they are especially dangerous during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Implementing sustainable security is essential for your organization’s data protection strategy.
  • Network Solutions’ has affordable and sustainable security solutions to make your job easier and more productive.


The threat is real: cyber crimes have spiked by more than 400 percent as IT and business professionals are distracted by the challenges of the coronavirus (COVID-19) economy. While hackers have always had dark online reputations, these actions seem especially sinister during a time when many organizations may be struggling just to survive.

The good news is that this pandemic won’t last forever. As states continue to reopen across the country, many businesses are coming up for air, assessing the current situation and plotting new paths forward. Think of this as a time to review the strategies and priorities of your IT department and its role in helping your company move forward. While much will change, one thing will remain constant – your need for security to protect your company and customer data. What can you do to remain prepared for anything during the coronavirus and beyond? The answer is sustainable security.

The Hacker Mindset: Outside the Law, Inside Your Data

If you’re like most IT managers around the world, your organization has been detrimentally affected by the coronavirus crisis. Aside from a possible downturn in revenue, a suddenly growing remote workforce and other challenges, hackers have emerged as a formidable threat during a time when companies are most vulnerable. What is the mindset behind these cyber threats?

As chilling as it may seem, most hackers have no remorse as they are focused on creating data-seeking formulations that infiltrate websites, email systems and servers and rarely see the direct impact of their crimes. Many hackers view their white-collar crimes as an adventure and become obsessed with outsmarting corporate security systems and personnel. Unfortunately, for many companies, these cybercriminals have been widely successful.

Online Outlaws: Tools of the Cyber Attack Trade

It’s a frustrating proposition: small and mid-sized businesses lose an average of $120,000 per cyber incident. This type of financial loss is detrimental in any situation but especially costly during the coronavirus. Hackers have many damaging tools in their arsenals. Phishing – a cyber attack in which someone uses emails or text messages to pose as a legitimate company to lure individuals into providing their identity information, financial details and passwords – has increased over 350 percent during the coronavirus.

In addition, distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, which overwhelm websites and servers with traffic from multiple sources, can deny online access to customers and your employees – especially troubling for a remote workforce. If that weren’t enough, spam messages can overload your email system with unwanted information that distracts employees and can include dangerous attachments that could compromise your website and server data. IT professionals are constantly looking for ways to protect their companies from these threats.

Data Security

Sustainable Security: The Importance of Continuous Cyber Monitoring

The solution for safeguarding your data may be a natural one. The information you use every day for employees and customers comprises a data environment that needs continual nurturing and care. Sustainably protecting your website, server and email data requires constant attention.

To effectively guard your company against threats, you need the ability to continually monitor for online threats and identify and remove malware and other malicious threats. The challenge of course is that you and your IT team are faced with growing demands and only have so many hours in the day. How can you find the resources to constantly watch over your data and systems and protect your company from cyberattacks?

Network Solutions: The Sustainable and Affordable Security Answer

To keep your company safe and secure during the coronavirus and beyond, Network Solutions offers proven sustainable security options. SiteLock® Defend™ provides daily vulnerability scans of your websites, features a global content delivery network (CDN), is SSL compatible and automatically removes malware. For added protection, SiteLock 911® automatically scans and removes malware until your site is clean and sends you email notifications as malware is removed.

To help your customers have positive experiences when making online purchases, we offer SSL certificates that protect consumers’ personal data when making an online purchase on your company’s websites. To complete the picture, Network Solutions also provides a Cyber Security Solution that monitors remote devices like smartphones and tablets from malware and cyber attacks – a factor that’s especially important for your remote workers. Trust us for cohesive security solutions designed to guard the best interests of your business.

Trust the Safe Solution for Data Protection

We’ll all move beyond the current challenges of the coronavirus economy, but when it comes to security, you can never let your guard down. Look to Network Solutions for sustainable security answers that constantly monitor your hardware and networks to ensure a safe experience for your employees and customers.


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