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Robust Reporting and Statistics

With Network Solutions Ecommerce you can make confident, smart decisions about your ecommerce business. Tracking and reporting helps you understand your customers and your online store performance.

  • View all of your reports in one place, including:
    • Sales reports
    • Top selling products
    • Profit report (sales minus costs)
    • Search query reporting
    • Tax report
    • 404 error log
  • Integration with Google® Analytics — Learn where visitors are coming from and how they interact with your site. The information gained from this website analytics tool allows you to make informed decisions and to identify new product offerings, drive targeted traffic, and increase your conversions and profits.
  • Integration with QuickBooks® financial and point of sale (POS) software — Manage your store's finances with QuickBooks® software you may already own. Our Premium packages allows you to automatically download your online orders into QuickBooks® and other point-of-sale software – saving you time while keeping inventory in sync across your online store and regular store.
  • Custom feedback — Get direct reactions from your customers with feedback forms and surveys. This helps involve customers and are great tools for gaining insight on your site's performance.
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