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Frequently Asked Questions

What is difference between free Email like Yahoo and Hotmail and your Email?
A paid email service will provide a unique email address that is created just for you and is linked to your domain name. Your unique or "professional" email address will help build your brand, make it more memorable, and enhance your credibility
What do I need to make my email work?
It's easy to get an email address. The first step is choosing your domain name. Once you've registered your name you can use it as your email address with any of our email products. After purchasing the email solution that's best for you, set up your email boxes using your domain. Simple step by step instructions to help set up your email are available in your Account Manager.
Is a domain name included in the email packages?
No. Domain names are not included as part of our email packages. You may register one through Network Solutions® or use one you already have. But remember a domain name is required to activate and personalize your email boxes.
Do I have to have my domain name registered with Network Solutions to use your email?
No. Having your domain registered with Network Solutions is not required. If you plan to use a domain that is not registered with Network Solutions simply enter the domain name when you are prompted to do so during set-up. You will then be given specific DNS information which you can input into your domain provider’s DNS settings. However, if you do have a domain name with Network Solutions, it’s even easier. All you have to do is simply select the domain name from the list that will be presented to you.
Do you have anything in place for remotely accessing email?
Your Professional Plus email product is POP3 and IMAP enabled allowing for mobile access to your messages. Your product is also webmail accessible for access on any Internet connection. When remotely accessing email using POP3 or IMAP your basic functionality includes reading, search for and deleting emails, composing, sending and forwarding messages, as well as saving drafts. If you choose to access via Webmail you will be able to tap into your full suite of product features.
Can I access my calendar and other collaboration tools on my mobile device?
Your Professional Plus email product includes ActiveSync (for devices other than Blackberry). ActiveSync will give you to access your calendar and other collaboration tools on a mobile device.
Can I share calendars and other functions with co-workers?
Yes. You will have the benefit of shared calendars, contacts, documents and tasks to help improve the effectiveness of your business communications. This sharing feature is available to any team members set up on the same domain name.
Can I use Outlook® to view my email?
We feature complete POP3 and IMAP access. You can set up your email to work in any program that supports POP3 and IMAP, including Outlook.
What is the difference between an Exchange Server and your Email?
Our Professional Plus email product is a web-based email client with calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes with an interface that is accessible from your desktop, webmail and mobile devices. Microsoft Hosted Exchange includes the same with the added benefits of deep Outlook integration, public email folders, and optional push service for mobile devices to ensure that your data is synchronized and up to date for all of your employees.
Does your Email have a spam filter?
Yes. Threats to your email security will always be present, but with our email products, you will dramatically reduce junk mail that clogs your inbox and reduce your vulnerability to troublesome viruses. Our email products feature superior spam and virus protection.