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FAQ for your ReputationAlert

What does ReputationAlert do?
ReputationAlert is a tool that lets you track and manage your online visibility and reputation by pulling content from around the web into one convenient dashboard.
What are Mentions?
Mentions can be any piece of content that we retrieve that matches your search criteria, including a blog post, Tweet, forum post, comment, photo or news article.
What does Visibility mean?
The Visibility tab shows you where your business is listed on the top Internet search engines, directories and websites that specialize in your business type. You will see where your business is located and what listings you need to add your business to.
What is the social tab for?
You can connect your account with your company's Facebook®, Twitter® and FourSquare© account. Once your accounts are linked, you'll see graphs showing the growth of your audience on Facebook® (people who "like" your page), Twitter® (people who "follow" you) and FourSquare© (people who have "checked-in").
Will I be notified if there are changes to my online reputation?
Yes, you will receive notifications monthly regarding any changes to your online reputation. Be sure you have opted in to receive email notifications from Network Solutions.
Can I improve my visibility score?
Yes. If you have incorrect or missing listings, you need to correct it manually. There are detailed instructions provided by the listing site on your dashboard. However, you may need to contact them directly to confirm your online information is correct.
What is Share of Voice?
Your Share of Voice is how many times your business shows up in a particular search category in your city relative to your competitors. The percentage is determined by analyzing all online activity for each business.

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† Customers on a monthly billing cycle are billed every four weeks.

ReputationAlert is only available for US and Canadian customers.