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Get instant online credibility with a website seal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are site seals?
A site seal, or verified website seal, is an image that appears on your site to let visitors know you are a legitimate business. When a customer clicks on your seal it will display your business credentials and confirm that you passed a thorough business validation.
Do I need an SSL certificate or a site seal?
SSL Certificates provide data encryption, which is important for websites conducting online transactions that require the transmission of sensitive information. If you are not processing payments online, a verified site seal may suffice.
How does a site seal protect my business?
nsProtect™ Assured website seals include a $50,000 guarantee, payable to customers who incur losses due to a mis-issued site seal.
How can a verified seal support my website?
When visitors see your site seal, they can feel confident knowing that your business credentials have been verified. The more comfortable they feel with your website, the more likely they are to convert from visitors to customers.
How long will it take to get my nsProtect Assured site seal?
The site seal validation process begins when you send us the necessary documentation required to verify your business. Within 2-4 days, we will complete your verification and issue your nsProtect Assured website seal.
Who will install my nsProtect Assured site seal?
Installation is easy and requires no additional software. If you have any problems, a customer service consultant can help.
What if problems occur?
Should you experience any problems related you your site seal, our customer support team can assist you at any time, 24/7.
How long will my nsProtect Assured site seal be valid?
It depends on the term you choose when you buy your verified seal (term options range from one to four years). If you extend your site seal term to four years, you'll receive 38% savings.